Chemical Dependency Assessments

 Your first step is a chemical dependency assessment.

A chemical dependency assessment is designed to address all the multiple areas that are impacted by the chemical use, including emotional, social, spiritual, physical, mental, occupational, and various others. Chemical abuse impacts more than just the individual, it takes over families and destroys lives.

Any chemical dependency services obtained at Serenity Circle Counseling meet the requirements for court ordered assessments and/or therapy. Please be aware we are not a treatment facility and will not meet requirements if you are court ordered to obtain treatment.

What’s is a chemical dependency assessment?
A chemical dependency assessment (or can be referred to as an evaluation) is performed by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC), the CD assessment is used to determine whether an individual suffers from a substance or chemical use disorder and the severity of their dependence or use. 

How is the Assessment done?
Minnesota State law requires that it be performed in a face-to-face interview an assessment can take up to two hours to complete. The LADC gathers information from the individual about his or her past and current use of alcohol and drugs, they will ask about previous alcohol/drug treatment(s) and relapse history, they will ask about any legal issues both past and present. ​

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